International Day, May 2019

The 31st of May saw our third International Day celebration as a school and it was a huge success.

Our pupils had the opportunity to learn about 10 different countries in depth, exchanged information about their own countries of origin, participate in debates regarding themes relevant to the spotlight countries and experience games/ activities from those countries, including a lesson in cooking Indian food.

The sun shone all day and the atmosphere during the parade and the different stations was one of joy and fun.

Some parents were able to participate in the fun of the day as well, and after being greeted by the PTA on the patio, they could hear Lindsay Davidson explain the “why” of International Day, before seeing the stations for themselves.

The day ended with an International Bake Sale, featuring food from many different countries for all to try. In addition to this sharing together, we also raised over 1000 zl for the charity: “a little bit of HOPE” in Uganda, which will be used to buy seeds for their school farm project. The resulting harvest will be the basis of many school lunches for their pupils. A worthy partnership.

Photographs by Anna Tarko
Photos can be found in our Gallery