International Day

On 12th of May our school celebrated its first International Day. Though the day came and went very quickly, everyone involved were preparing for weeks in advance. Through classroom projects focusing on exotic faraway places we learned about distant and different cultures.

We created art and music typical of the countries we represented and on the day itself we shared what we learnt with the many parents who attended the celebrations. Students performed Indian and Italian dances and shared what they had learnt about the symbols of Britain, the food of Italy, the culture of France and everyday life in Japan. In the afternoon we shared our own diversity in the best way possible, by sharing homemade international food provided by parents.

The day was an amazing success and everyone who participated deserves applause and thanks. We look forward to hosting another International Day in the coming academic year and welcoming representatives of the new cultures that join our school. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!

Photos can be found in our gallery.