Mission accomplished… :-)

Mission accomplished…
It is with pride that we would like to announce the success of both our pupils and our teachers in a nationwide song/clip composing contest.

Year 7, and years 8/9 both created 1 minute songs and clips called YPhones? (yr7) and Saturday (yr8/9), under the guidance of Zuzanna Iwanska, with Ewan operating the camera.

The songs and clips were awarded a distinction together with 6 other schools from across Poland.

We congratulate the year 7, 8 and 9 pupils for their excellent work and engagement and success. We are very proud of them and their work.

Miss Zuzanna was also one of only 8 teachers nationwide recognised by the jury for outstanding work with the children. Miss Zuzanna’s citation reads “for outstanding musicality and sensing the unique connection between words and music and for supporting youngsters in the development of thier musicality”.

As a school  we are particularly excited to hear our teacher has been recognised for something emanating from the school’s mission statement (“engagement, humility, diligence”), which was recognised through the work demonstrated by the children.

The jury selected only 8 teachers for such recognition from the whole country.
More information below (in Polish): https://www.akcjalabirynt.pl/2391-2/