MUN group trip to Amersfoort, Gröningen and Brussels, February 2019

From Wednesday the 6th to Wednesday the 12th of February, a group of our pupils, accompanied by Mrs Kotulska and Mr Michalik, attended the MUN conference in Amersfoort.

Our pupils were very well prepared regarding the countries they represented and Julia Kotulska and Kuba Blachut were named best delegates, with Basia Gąsienica and Michal Kotulski receiving honourable mentions.

After the conference, our pupils were guests at the University of Gröningen, where they attended workshops and had a guided tour of the city. The final destination for the trip was Brussels, home of the UN offices in Belgium, which are tasked with liasing with the EU on matters of worldwide significance.

Thank you to our pupils who helped in the preparations, and to the pupils who attended the conference. A huge thank you to Mrs Kotulska and Mr Michalik for accompanying them and for making flexible travel plans when faced with airport strikes.

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