Music Salon, January 2020

During the last week of January, another important event took place: our Music Salon.

The Music Salon is an opportunity for pupils taking instrument lessons at school to practice their performance skills and steady their nerves in front of a friendly and receptive audience.

During the evening, we had instrumental performances on the piano, guitar and violin as well as two choir performances by the Polish Song Club and the Primary choir.

We would like to thank all performers for their hard work practicing their instruments (which they have to do in their free time). We are also grateful to all the parents and teachers that supported our young performers by coming to the Salon evening.

Finally, we thank your music teachers: Gosia Marchwiana, Benedykt Walerowski, Marta Ziobro, Karolina Sokołowska, Dominik Plebanek and Zuzanna Iwańska for preparing our pupils for these events and instilling in them the skills necessary to keep growing in confidence and ability.

Photos can be found in our Gallery