Physics Field Trip, Secondary students

“Pupils from years 7, 8, 9 and those taking Physics in 10, 12 and 13 visited the AGH University on Thursday, 20th September to attend a lecture on static electricity.

They were treated to numerous experiments including the Ladder of Jacobi, which demonstrated the fourth state of matter; Farraday’s Cage that demonstrates how items can be protected from electric charge; storing and discharging capacitors including how they can be used in electric circuits; Franklin’s Simulation, that demonstrated to students what happens during lightning storms and what can happen if you are standing in the wrong place and the van der Graaf generator.

The van der Graaf generator gave the pupils an opportunity to experience electric charge first hand and learn how charge flows.

The lecturers also explained to the pupils the theory behind electrostatics so that the pupils understood what was happening during the demonstration and why the phenomenon occurred. The trip was a positive experience for the pupils as it allowed them to experience the University for themselves and what lectures are like. The trip also supplemented their current learning in the classroom as years 8 and year 9 are currently studying electricity and electrostatics in their Physics lessons and year 7 and 10 will be moving onto electricity next half term.”
Anna Sowa

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