PTA Fall Party

On Friday the 26th of October, The PTA, in collaboration with the staff from Primary, decorated the Assembly Room before lunch in Fall and Halloween themes.

The children didn’t know that this was happening.

This gave children from Primary and Secondary the opportunity to enjoy the decorations during lunch. They were so excited when they entered the transformed room and the surprise was complete!

After lunch, Secondary had their scheduled lessons, while Primary were brought back to the Assembly Hall in groups where games, photographs, music and a small edible surprise awaited them.

The PTA were in charge of these games and surprises and the children had a fun afternoon.

Before the secondary pupils left school for the day, they were also invited to take a small treat and were surprised and delighted to not be forgotten!

Early Years had prepared their own small party, but they were also not forgotten by the PTA who shared some decorations and of course edible treats with our youngest pupils.

Thank you to the entire team for the many hours brainstorming, planning, preparing and participating in these activities.

More photos can be found in our gallery