Sushi Workshop with the journalist Marcin Żyła, March 2019

On Thursday, 21st of March, our pupils had the incredible experience of attending a Sushi Workshop with the journalist Marcin Żyła.

During the workshop, the pupils had the opportunity to ask our special guest questions, which lead to them learning about what a journalist’s work entails and how to define good journalism.

Marcin Żyła is an outstanding reporter and the deputy editor-in-chief of Tygodnik Powszechny. From the beginning of the European migration crisis in 2014, he has dealt mainly with issues related to refugees and migrants. He was the first Polish journalist who went to Lampedusa and described it in several reports (the tragedy of African refugees sinking in the Mediterranean Sea). In 2016, he reported on the British referendum on EU membership.

It was a privilege to host Mr Żyła and we are grateful for his time.