Sustainability Week: Friday – Science Fair and poetry contests

The week culminated in a Science Fair on Friday. This was an opportunity for Secondary to show their fellow pupils the recycling challenge products and their projects as well.

The Primary pupils presented their endangered animal campaign posters to their peers and came to see the Secondary Science Fair. They were involved in voting for their favourite designs and the teams that had the chosen designs received special hand crafted medals, made by Ms Dorota Zaleska.

The Primary pupils also had the opportunity to write poems that encapsulated what they were taking away from the week. They presented these poems to Ms Penny Turner, who chose the best poems to be read at a poetry salon at a later date.

A lot of hard work went into the planning and preparation stages of this week, but it was worth it to see the enthusiasm and engagement of the pupils around these important topics. Special thanks to Ms Sarah Bartlett for her oversight and planning for a successful week.

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