University preparations- Alumni meet up

We are proud to announce that thanks to their consistent determination, diligent work, and adaptability in the face of uncertain times, the future alumni of EIS have been accepted to the world’s leading universities such as the London School of Economics, ESADE, the University of Rotterdam, the Loughborough University, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Stirling and Krakow’s very own the Jagiellonian University.

Family is how we like to call our EIS international community. It is why our priority is to support one another, sharing advice and experience for others to learn. Recently, an online conference has been held with the students of year 12, 13, the headmaster- Mr. Lindsay Davidson, the year 13 tutor and university advisor- Mr. Roz and all of the EIS’s graduates of the last 2 years. They shared valuable information about the life of a university student, ranging from describing the differences between high school and university education to teaching how to manage your laundry… 😉 Huge thanks to our alumni!

We, as a community of academics coming from cultures of contrasting norms, know how important it is to prepare our students not only academically, but for the challenges, of a completely new environment they will soon find themselves in.