Upper Secondary Integration trip

From the 15th  to the 17th of October the pupils from Upper Secondary went on an integration trip to the Pieniny region of southern Poland.

On the first day students went on a rating trip down the Dunajec river. Each team worked together by rowing in order to get their raft to the final destination. In the evening we expanded on this theme of teamwork by working on a ‘Lost at Sea’ activity which helped students to understand how teamwork can help us become better learners and people. We finished the evening by watching the movie October Sky, a movie about a group of boys who had a dream and used teamwork to accomplish their goal of winning a national science fair.

The main activity of the second day was a hike up to the “3 Korony” peaks. During the hike students spoke with members of the group prompted by discussion cards. This was followed by a musical and cultural performance by a local Polish Highlander band. Students learned how to sing, dance and also to play local instruments.

On the last day, we visited the Niedzica castle where we heard about the history of the castle and some legends associated with it. The castle is perched atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Zalew Czorsztynski or the local reservoir. We hope that these shared experiences will blossom into working relationships which will translate into academic and personal growth.

More photos can be found on our Gallery