Trip to the “Amazonia” Parrot House, January 2018

On the 16th January Years 5 and 6 had a trip to the “Amazonia” Parrot House in Kraków. They were to observe and get familiar with different kinds of parrots. Right before entering the “parrot playground”, we had to disinfect our hands. It was important so that we would not transfer any pathogens from outside. Then, we were free to feed the birds and play with them. The small, green parrots seemed to be most friendly ones, but the biggest ones were perfect for posing for amazing photos! We had to be very careful with any sparkling parts of our outfits because the birds were picking at anything they could spot. We were allowed to spend about half an hour playing with them. Then we moved to the other side of the Parrot House to watch a presentation about parrots and some other birds. At the end, we had lots of fun taking funny pictures with amazing backgrounds, then some of us bought some fantastic souvenirs.