English as an additional language for parents

At Embassy International School we believe that the well-being and comfort of our entire community is important, and that includes helping parents settle into the local environment and also to be able to communicate as fully as possible with each other.

We also recognise that often parents arrive and do not feel fully confident with their English to be able to support their children in an English language learning environment, or to be able to reach out to other members of our community and make friends through the medium of English. We therefore offer English lessons for our community members. This is a great way to meet and get to know the parents of your children’s friends and classmates.

English as Additional Language (EAL) course for parents 

Leader: Gabriella Bakó (g.bako@embassyschool.org

Brief description: Learn English as additional language.

Age restrictions: Available for parents only.

Location: B1.1

Time: Wednesday 14.40 – 15.25

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to collect your visitor’s badge from the office, they will also give you the classroom number.

Please e-mail your teacher Ms Gabriella Bakó (g.bako@embassyschool.org) to confirm that you will be attending and cc Ms Marta Czaicka (m.czaicka@embassyschool.org), our accountant. There is a monthly payment of 75 zł, no matter how many classes you attend, until you decide to withdraw from the course.