Film club

Leader:Adam Różałowski (

Brief description: Participants learn how to get a crew together, the team roles, importance of lighting, sound, and tripod setup. They will also learn the important camera functions, framing and the rule of thirds, and shooting an interview. They learn all this by creating personal video projects.

Age restrictions: Available to children from Year 5 and above

Monday 15:30 – 16:30 Year 7 and up
Tuesday 15:30 – 16:30 Year 5 to 6

Location: B1.1.


Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, or …. Embassy-wood!!


Dear Enthusiasts


The way human beings consume text is undergoing a dramatic shift. While only 20 years ago print media dominated the way we consume information, today text is being digitized and made available in a variety of formats, video being the dominant format. A quick glance at newspaper articles confirms this as reporters are increasingly asked to add a video component to their once dormant newspaper pages.


At Embassy International School, we understand that composition is not only words written on paper, but as Kathleen Yancey stated in her article written to composition teachers across America, “the ability to negotiate through life by combining words with pictures with audio and video to express thoughts will be the mark of the educated student” (Made not only in Words). Therefore, we would like to invite you to our upcoming film club where creating more powerful and coherent stories will be our aim.


The aim of this film club will be to learn in an interactive and practical way how to convey meaning using video. This is an increasingly important skill demanded by job providers in an economy increasingly dependent on the ability to work with teams remotely and to be able to convey information in a meaningful and engaging way.


During the first weeks of the film club we will get acquainted with the fundamentals of video production and the equipment we will be using. As the topic of our first sessions will be “fundamentals of interviewing techniques” we will also take the opportunity to get to know each other by creating questions, interviewing each other and eventually creating a video product!


Once we become acquainted with roles in a video crew, we will venture further and learn how to shoot creative promotional videos, time lapse videos, and ultimately take student input into account and create videos based on personal interest.



Here are the bullet points for the film club:

  • Getting a crew together; team roles;
  • Lighting, sound, tripod setup;
  • Important camera functions;
  • Framing and the rule of thirds;
  • Shooting an interview;
  • Camera pans and angles;
  • Shooting a promotional video;
  • Shooting timelapse videos;
  • Shooting a documentary/informational video;
  • Creating personal video projects.


I look forward to meeting and working with you all in what I am sure will be a fun and enlightening film club where we will learn essential skills by working together.


Adam Rozalowski


Mr Adam


Our films… 🙂

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