Science Corner


Experiment A

Students investigating the relative strengths of electrostatic forces using an electroscope and electromagnetic induction using an induction coil.



Experiment B

Students investigating the generation and effects of static charge using a Van Der Graff Generator. Ouch!



Experiment C

Students using a pressure probe to investigate how temperature affects the rate of reaction between Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid. Remember, Hydrogen burns with a POP!



Experiment D

Students using a Vernier displacement probe and frictionless track to investigate the relationship between mass and acceleration.



Experiment E

Students determine the concentration of an unknown acid using titrimetric analysis.



Experiment F

Students learning to identify the metals in salts using the flame test.



Experiment G

Year 5/6 – Students investigating inertia and how the acceleration of car is affected by its mass using the LoggerPro system.



Experiment H

Year 7/8 – Students carrying out a heart dissection.