Szlachetna Paczka


This year, as in the past two years, we are supporting the Christmas project of the charity organisation Szlachetna Paczka. For those of you unfamiliar with their work, I am linking to their English website: Szlachetna Paczka
What this means, is that we have chosen a family to support and will be collecting the items they need in the next two weeks, before packaging and wrapping, in gift wrap, everything for them.
The vision statement of the school is the following: “Our vision is to create a community of internationally minded global leaders who care about making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow.”
Last year we had the privilege of delivering the gifts we had collected as a school community directly to the family involved. It was a humbling experience to step into their world and see the tangible difference we could make by collecting practical items and foodstuff as a community. And we did make their tomorrow a better tomorrow.
I am attaching a list of items we will be collecting for the family. Please fill in your name next to the item you would like to provide. (Several families may choose to buy the same things.) As in previous years, we will endeavour to collect every item on the list. Because of the small living quarters, we would also like to give the family gift cards to Rossman and supermarkets, where they are able to choose food and toiletries once they have run out.
As they are hoping to move into a bigger apartment soon, they will need furniture (as theirs was destroyed in a fire), so gift cards from IKEA would also be useful.


We count on your help and engagement. Let’s help this family together!